As of May 2022, Baan Thai is closed permanently. We have had a family tragedy and are unable to sustain the business. We love our customers very much, thank you Fort Wayne.

Welcome to Baan Thai restaurant. We have been providing fresh, fast, and friendly Thai food to northeast Indiana since 2002. Baan Thai isn’t just about authentic Thai food, it specializes in high standard, fresh and healthy food with affordable prices. Our food is cooked fresh to the customer’s order and taste. You are guaranteed the freshness of your order.

About Thailand

Thailand’s great appeal is, as a holiday destination like no other. Thailand possesses a wealth of architecture, culture, cuisine, and traditions that are each distinctively Thai. Moreover, with their natural charm, hospitality, and happy temperament, Thai are supremely adept at making visitors feel right at home. Thailand is located in the heart of Southeast Asia and is shaped somewhat like and elephant’s head. The profile faced Myanmar, the ears border Laos and Cambodia, and the trunk extends southwards between the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand towards Malaysia.

Rice and varied natural scenery ranges from the northern misty mountains and jungles, through emerald rice field in the central plains, the east coast and southern palm-fringed beaches and lush tropical islands. Average temperatures of 28 degrees Celsius make the climate predominantly warm and sunny, though northern hills become somewhat chilly during December and January.

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